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travel to South Africa
Sunday I had to take the long flight to South Africe,( a 12 hours sit down on a direct flight) I had luck it seemed

At take of we were two in a row of three, so an empty seat next to me. I hoped I could sit down and stretch my legs to the spot next to me. I was sooo wrong there. after take off the entertainment system started. the guy in the middle seat in the row in front of us saw that his system did not work. so he ( and his travel partner ( who was next to him, got reseated to the seat next to me.
I unerstand that if you are going to use the entertainment system, but it turned out that this guy started reading his book while listening to his MP3 player. He did not touch his entertainment system whatsoever...
Nice going guys...
not only did he got reseated for nothing, he was quite invasive into other peoples space, like leaning over, because he liked that better...
Looking at their reactions, they were either flying for th first time, or they were takein one of the long flights for the first time... I hope to never have one of those guys next to me again...

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