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Traveling makes you meet nice people and when you talk to nice people they can give you nice ideas for posts.

This happened to me yesterday too. While having dinner with a colleague, we were talking about all sorts of drinks when she got a question of a friend about Limon cello and how to consume it. For Me Limón cello is something you drink after dinner with a good strong espresso and it should be ice-cold… so that was my advice.

Next thing you know we were talking and texting about all kind of drinks. And what to do with it…

At that point I decided to give my audience an idea for a nice desert:

Chocolate sponge cake with Cointreau or Grand Marnier…

Make the base cake batter from this recipe: http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/25153/always-perfect-chocolate-sponge-cake.aspx?o_is=Hub_TopRecipe_1

Cut it in half, drizzle with the liquor, put butter cream on it and put the top half on again. Very nice as a desert, or as a birthday cake… for the rest you can garnish the cake as desired…

Another option would be to bake small cakes from the batter where you add lumps of very dark chocolate and drench them in the liquor, and cover them with vanilla icing. This would also make a little more special desert…

Hope you enjoy this.


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