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Recently I had to fly to London for work. The plane was booked full. I try to sit aisle every time I fly. Everything was normal, we left on time, and the flight was an easy one. Not turbulence whatsoever. It only was very cloudy and misty in London.

Nothing strange so far. We started our descent on time, went into the clouds and had no vision outside. The moment we , the passengers, were able to see outside the engines started to make a huge noise and we felt the plane accelerate again. From my seat I was able to see the stewardesses. I saw the question on their face for a second. I have to say, it was just a split second and they were professional and normal in their facial expression again. After a minute or two in which I had to comfort the passenger next to me, it turned out that she was scared of flying already, the purser gave the following announcement: “ as you have noticed we did not land, the pilots are very busy right now, and they will come back with us as soon as they have time.”  (not a literal transcription)

After a couple of minutes one of the pilots indeed came back to us indeed. It seems that while doing their landing procedures, they noticed another plane still on the runway, and they were not sure if they could stop on time, the decided on this to accelerate again and do a circle before attempting a new landing.

I must say that the feeling of the power of this big bird of steel feels very good when taking off, but in mid air it feels even better. Beside that I am very happy the pilots were paying attention and even if it was an unnecessary decision, I feel it was the right one.

KLM, and more specific crew of KL1033 on January 12th, thanks for the experience and making the right decision.


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